Friday, 21 October 2011

... paper boats are ready to sail the sea

november is coming and the time for my little exhibition is close,
my paper boats are ready to sail the sea !

If you take a look in my internet site ( and click
on the paper boat you can find the paper and the instructions to make
a little boat as the ones above.. You could download the paper with the
little drawings and then you have only to put the printed paper
on the right way as you can see in the instructions!


  1. Hi, I just discovered your site, I like your work, what's the story behind the boats?

  2. Good afternoon Karen, the paper boat in my drawings is a fragile and delicate thing that mixes itself with the nature. It's an human stuff and represents the "small" human that travels through the world, in peace with nature and quietly...

  3. Very poetic! Thank you for the explanation. Have a nice day. Greets, Karen.

  4. Thank you to your interest on my drawings!

  5. Hi Illusimi!

    I just found you blogpost and hope you are still checking comments on older entries. I am intrigued by your paper boats. I'm also an artist using paper boats, and I've found that there is a kinship with what the paper boat means to you and the human existence. I, too, view them as people and we are all just one boat floating on a vast ocean. The paper boat was a central image in my graduate thesis exhibition and has re-emerged in my latest work as well. It's a never ending sense of amazement that a simple/fragile object can translate to a widely beautiful thought and meaning.

    I'm so glad to have found your work and I hope to see your paper boats in a exhibition in the future! I've included my website if you have any interest in what I've done with paper boats. No problem if you're not.


    Jerry Phillips

    1. thank you so much Jerry, for your comment! In the meantime my attention took another direction, but one of my paper boat, with a little friend on it, is out there in the deep sea right now! You can find them in my (silent) book, here: /
      I'll be glad to take a look at your website, many thanks again :))