Tuesday, 7 February 2012

some pieces of painting...

These are some fragments of a painting
that I painted some days ago.

it's a painting with a green cat, and around him 
there are a lot of birds,someone is an unusual bird, 
someone chirps, someone stays in silent.
Two or three of them haven't a real beak, 
so they are not able to chirp the same way as other birds, 
but maybe they think at something like a "cip!"

this one (above) is a "no-beak-bird"
He seems happy, though he can't chirp!
Maybe he has thought  so strong, in his little head, 
that in the end he ejected his 


directly from his mind!

This is a tailor-made painting, and I made it for
a madam which I met in my atelier in Italy, 
some years ago.

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