Tuesday, 27 March 2012

...a painting for a birthday

I did this painting for a birthday. The husband of L. wrote me an e-mail, telling me that he would like to do a surprise to L. So I prepared an e-greeting card where I said her that there would be a special gift for her birthday. ..she was very happy!

Then she thought about it, to the subject and the size of the painting, until she was ready to tell me about her wish... She told me different things, and in the end she told me a story, the story of her love, and when her husband asked her to marry. This painting is sprout out from the love story. She told me some details that began to turning in my head untill I drawn some sketches. She choosed one of these and my idea about the colours and now the painting is ready!

The size is rather big and I didn't take a good picture of the whole panel yet.
I did only photographs of some details (in the previous post).

So it will be a surprise, when she will see the painting, between few days...
...a good surprise, I hope !

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