Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Elderbush

...a fairy tale of Hans Christian Andersen
and a project for a book.

The work is finished!

. . . 

"I ought now to tell you a story; but I don't know any more."

"You can make one in a moment," said the little boy. 
"My mother says that all you look at can be turned into 
a fairy tale: and that you can find a story in everything."

"Yes, but such tales and stories are good for nothing. 
The right sort come of themselves; they tap at my forehead 
and say, 'Here we are.'"

"Won't there be a tap soon?" asked the little boy. 
And his mother laughed, put some Elder-flowers
in the tea-pot, and poured boiling water upon them.

"Do tell me something! Pray do!"

"Yes, if a fairy tale would come of its own accord; 
but they are proud and haughty, and come only
when they choose. Stop!" said he, all on a sudden. 
"I have it! Pay attention! There is one in the tea-pot!
. . . 

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