Thursday, 29 August 2013

fresh morning's colours

a little piece, mixed media on cotton paper 16x16 cm
I love fresh and light colours, they give a sense of magic


  1. Yes! Lovely and fresh! Beautiful painting.xx

  2. I love this one! It's so happy! I love your choice in colors and your adorable birds!

    1. thank you a lot Delia!
      I feel a particular fascination for birds. In my utopian world, human beings are longing to be like birds, on their back a kind of wings trying to sprout out, sometime it's just a small thing, anyway they want learning to fly, they need it, in the deep of their being. It's like feeling nearest to the nature...

  3. I'm always really happy to know your thoughts about my artworks, so please share with me!

    It's a very interesting thing for me, because each one of us could see something very different in them.

  4. Oh, this one is great as well as the one under the blogpost 'Bird'. Like the colors, lines, birds and the story. Keep up the good work!