Thursday 20 June 2024

The island


"What delight there is in an island home when one
lands and makes safe the boat after a voyage [...]."
—Dream Island, R. M. Lockley




Sunday 16 June 2024

unlike anything else


"This was impressive enough, but the accompanying noise
was unlike anything else I have ever heard. It was a siren,
a blizzard and a wailing child all at once - an animal really -
and it was followed by a sonorous chugging, like a steam
train gathering speed.”  
—Clive Oppenheimer, Mountains of fire


sketches & beautiful writing


"This revealed a remarkably regular oscillation every
six to nine hours: the volcano had a pulse." 

"To have reached the summit of a far-flung erupting
volcano, to see my footprints in pristine cinereous powder
that a day before had been viscous magma in the Earth’s
interior,[...] brought a self-awareness that was new to me.
A nomadism and curiosity that still influence my career
were ignited beside this expressive, mysterious crater.
Volcanoes were now engrained in my story." [Ili Boleng]

Clive Oppenheimer, Mountains of fire


Monday 10 June 2024

the dark warren


Watership Down
a fragment
Fiver gazed back at him with eyes that, like a fly’s,
seemed larger than his head. ‘You think that,’ he said.
‘You believe that. But each of you, in his own way, is
thick in that mist. Where is the '