Thursday 15 June 2023

rainforest frog / into the white


[ mixed media on grey cardboard 20x20cm ]

«The frogs, thousands of them, suddenly pause, as if they were
following an invisible conductor, and start up again all at the same
time. They conversations come and go in curious waves.»
—Werner Herzog, Conquest of the useless

Wednesday 14 June 2023

Tuesday 13 June 2023



SO happy to join the Kunstsupermarkt.DE this year
as well as the winter exhibition in Solothurn, as ever



Thursday 8 June 2023

rainforest serie / sketches


the jungle— «Even when it is denatured, when it is tamed,
it strikes back at its tamers and reduce them to pets.»
[Werner Herzog, Conquest of the Useless]



Tuesday 6 June 2023

rainforest flowers / colorful fragments and white scent




updating / RAINFOREST serie / last artworks now in my website,
and the words of A. von Humboldt resonate more than ever...
«[...] no single one among the manifold impressions that occur to
him has so deep and powerful an effect as that of the ubiquitous
abundance of life.[...] Everything announces a world of active,
organic power. In every shrub, in the cracked bark of the trees,
in the loose earth where live the hymenoptera, Life audibly stirs.
It is one of the many voices of Nature.» 
—Alexander von Humboldt, Views of Nature