Friday 20 January 2012

...for wedding !

Today I worked to some new pages in my internet site...
I added a new section dedicated to WEDDING!

I  often painted "things" for people that were going to get married.
Sometimes it was a painting as a gift for the spouses, 
other times I painted small watercolours as wedding favors, 
or else I painted little animals for the wedding tables. 

You can see all these things in my internet site, 
clicking on two tiny spouses, in my homepage:

Thursday 19 January 2012

...other two little paintings

Last night sketches

Last night I did these two sketches. 
She is my black cat, in a pair of her usual poses!
A few minut later, she came on my table and sat down
just in front of me, watching what I was  doing...

The first sketch captures her when she is at the top of the bookcase,
she remains hanging like this, and she seems to be very confortable!
The second one represents her when she is waiting for
someone throws her a paper ball...
(they're very fun her T ears !!!)

Tuesday 17 January 2012

other sketches

two other sketches for a wedding !

a fragment...

a fragment of a sketch, pencil on recycled paper
(it will become a tailor-made painting)

I made these small paintings for my sister,
she will use them as favors, for the communion of her son.

In the past I already made this kind of painting, 
usually they were used as gifts for the wedding guests; 
sometimes I painted only four special paintings for the wedding witnesses.
In my internet site there are some of them, in the page of my paintings on wood.