Tuesday 24 July 2012

the last artworks

In these days I'm working to the last artworks for "The Elderbush", now I've almost finished. Then I'll put all the drawings one after the other, and I'll do some finishing touches to give the right atmosphere to the whole story, so from the begin to the end it will flow without obstacle.
It's a very strange feeeling, when you come to the end of the drawings for a story, It's like coming to the end of a book that you are reading, the last pages, and if the book likes you a lot, you never want to come to the very end. Sometimes it happens to me that I start to read slowly and slowly, and when the last page inevitably comes, I feel the vacuum... and I would like to read again about that story, and again and again, because maybe the world that it creates in your mind likes you and you don't want coming out.

BUT! I'm at the end.
Tomorrow I'll start the last two illustrations, though the story is already finished in the most poetic scene, with the illustration that I finished yesterday. All things are revealed, and vanish, and you come back to the reality of the room, where the child and the teapot are.

If you don't know this fairy tale, and you want to read it (if you haven't a book with the Andersen fairy tales), there's this web site: www.gutenberg.org or also a lot of other places in which you can find it in the original language, or in the language that you prefer.

Thursday 12 July 2012

The Elderbush

I'm working again at Elderbush
the last artworks, to complete the story...
(this is the begin of the work of today)

Monday 2 July 2012

Trees, at Arcanami...

my trees, in exhibition at Arcanami
via Castel Cellesi 2, Pistoia (in the Old Town) 
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