Sunday 23 January 2022

BELOW THE LINE /// 01 fade into...


"[...] di corridoi intercomunicanti, di vari livelli, con finestre ovunque
con ampie aggiunte perennemente 'in costruzione' e improvvisi
angoli ciechi e fori nell'impiantito; [...di altre voci in altre stanze, che
riflettono la natura viva e rimandano nuovamente l'eco del grande
dio Pan vivente. /// [...] entro l'oscurità della foresta intatta e nelle
profondità sottomarine." [ James Hillman ]

"It is rewarding to watch patiently the silent happenings in
the soul, and most and the best happens when it is not
regulated from outside and from above." [C.G. Jung]

Thursday 20 January 2022

it's about...


working on a new children's book, it's about frog spawn, also...

and tiny water insects, newts, snails, little animals and birds,
and plants too of course. And about water, not the BIG one,
but the smaller intimate one, of tiny delicate environments...

Friday 14 January 2022

white cat [and other animals]


white cat into the night 
starry night, kind of otherworldly, night...

some pieces of mine came back home from the Solothurn
exhibition . just few days of [warm & nice] rest, and they'll
be [slowly] available in my online shop !

Wednesday 5 January 2022

[...] blood of life


soak up from_below_dark beyond the line
through _ surfaces to_become _ different
metamorphoses /// the green blood of life

[ black&white fragment from the past ]

into it / white [diamond] sea