Monday 24 September 2012

into the wood...

...a bird and his little birdhouse in the wood

In these days I'm thinking about a new "project"
that more than a "project" it is only a thought, for the moment..
But! it's about the wood, and the creatures that live inside, 
vegetables, animals, and other things like this. Things that seem 
not to have an organic life, but that have in any case a life.
My thought are at work...

Friday 21 September 2012

...a vernissage

28 September, 2012
18 - 22 h

artecorum AG
Neumarkt 21
8001 Zürich

two cats, three pieces...

a sketch for a painting (a piece of three)
This is on afternoon, then there is the night
and then another piece for the early morning.

Wednesday 19 September 2012

. . . . . The digital colouring book !!!

!!! FROM NOW...

you can buy the digital book, to print with your own home printer!
The DIGITAL EDITION is a pdf file, it arrives by e-mail and it's easy to print, 
just following some simple suggestions to have an excellent result! 
The price for the DIGITAL EDITION of the colouring book is 10 Euro 
(and there's no shipping cost, of course!)

It's available in the on-line shop of my internet site:

click on self made colouring book
there, you can also have a look at some drawings inside the "book"

Tuesday 18 September 2012

The Elderbush

...a fairy tale of Hans Christian Andersen
and a project for a book.

The work is finished!

. . . 

"I ought now to tell you a story; but I don't know any more."

"You can make one in a moment," said the little boy. 
"My mother says that all you look at can be turned into 
a fairy tale: and that you can find a story in everything."

"Yes, but such tales and stories are good for nothing. 
The right sort come of themselves; they tap at my forehead 
and say, 'Here we are.'"

"Won't there be a tap soon?" asked the little boy. 
And his mother laughed, put some Elder-flowers
in the tea-pot, and poured boiling water upon them.

"Do tell me something! Pray do!"

"Yes, if a fairy tale would come of its own accord; 
but they are proud and haughty, and come only
when they choose. Stop!" said he, all on a sudden. 
"I have it! Pay attention! There is one in the tea-pot!
. . . 

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in my project, please contact me by e-mail 
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Thursday 6 September 2012

Arcanami's tree, luglio 2012

Arcanami: un nido d’arte nel cuore di Pistoia

"Arcanami è anche una galleria espositiva, dove un grande albero di corda, dal cuore di pezza, ha messo curiose radici e ogni mese si rinnova, ospitando tra i suoi rami un artista che per trenta giorni lo “abiterà” con le proprie creazioni.
Simona Dimitri ha esposto i suoi disegni appendendoli con minuscole mollettine di legno: alberi usciti da filastrocche, gatti e folletti morbidi da abbracciare con gli occhi, paesaggi nati da una fantasia bambina espressa su carta con tratti di acquerello e matita."