Monday, 31 October 2011

someone asked me the meaning of the paper boat, in my drawings...

For me, the paper boat is...

A small, tiny human object compares with huge nature, strong and almost incomprehensible.
The paper boat is the return of humans to nature.  
A Human naked from all the stuff which from hundreds and hundreds years he built himself around, above and inside him.

This is his humble return to Nature, looking for harmony, mingling and rebirth.
The paper boat let itself flow along; it goes looking for something, lands in places where animals are going to build their new harmony from the ruins of the human civilization.
The fishes go out from the water and find another way of life. 

The paper boat comes there and softly mixes with the other creatures... Or it finds home through the branches of a tree, born on a "fish-island" that sails the sea. A home that has missed its own meaning, as a fixed object in a fixed place.
The tree believes to have roots; and it has it, but his roots are not stuck in the ground, but dragged through the water, from an island that is not still.

The paper boat lives another life, it seems to be so delicate, but its new life make it, at the same time, delicate and stronger as the other creatures, because it has no fear of the others, it feels no superior, and so it has not to protect itself, it can be free.